Beware This Malicious Message Can Permanently Freeze iPhone Messages App On Your iPhone


According to reports, a malicious text message is being circulated among iPhone users, and this time it is reportedly freezing the Messages app. The message, which comes with an attachment, when opened makes the app useless and eventually freeze it. As of now, the message is affecting the iMessage running on iOS 9 to iOS 10.2.1 (beta).


The attachment is said to come with a malicious code. While users can long press home button to open multitask switcher to kill the iMessage app, the phone shows a white screen when you try to relaunch the messaging app. After a while, the app crashes and you are back on the Home screen.

The issue was first spotted by a YouTuber named vincedes13. He also uploaded a video showing how the message makes the iMessage app useless. Further, the only way to get out of the app is to shut it by going to multi-tasking screen. However, that doesn’t solve the problem as opening up the app after that renders it useless again. Moreover, some users even went for a hard reset and got no luck as the app would then show a black screen.

Apple will most likely fix this issue for all affected users via an OTA update soon, but until then, beware of huge text files on iMessages. Ensure that you do not tap and try to open any unknown file sent to you via a text message.


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