Opera Max Crosses 50 Million Active Users On Android, Adds New VIP Mode


Opera has announced that its data management and saving app, Opera Max has now 50 million active users considering that seven months ago Opera Max had “only” 10 million active users on Android around the world. And what better way to celebrate that milestone and Christmas than by adding new features to Opera Max. VIP mode is a new functionality available to Opera Max users, which is supposed to allow them to get unlimited savings and privacy mode services.


Many Opera Max users have complained that data saving and privacy features have been limited in time, so after a while these services are disabled and users are asked to come back after some time and turn it back one while seeing and ad. However, with the new VIP mode users will now be able keep the service on without needing to re-enable every now and then. In exchange, however, an ad will show up on your charge screen. This will be visible on the lock screen, but only when your phone is plugged in to charge.

The company recently did a major overhaul of the app and added new tools to enhance the privacy and security for Android devices. One of these tools is the “data usage timeline”, which gives you an overview of the data consumption patterns by apps installed on your device.

Opera has also added an ad-blocker in the privacy mode, which allows you to help block trackers and saving you from various sites and apps that want to re-target you with ads.  The company also introduced a “new privacy mode” to enhance mobile privacy spread across all the apps present on your Android device. The privacy mode also allow Android users to encrypt app data and browsing traffic on public Wi-Fi with a tap of a button. This offers you an additional layer of privacy and security while connecting your device to public Wi-Fi networks.


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