Opera Neon Concept Browser Launched For Windows And Mac Users

Opera Neon concept browser

Opera has launched its first ever concept browser, codenamed Opera Neon. Built on the same browser engine as the standard Opera browser, Neon is designed to focus primarily on content.


The concept browser promises a more interactive web, with the ability to push and drag content at will. Other changes the Opera Neon concept browser brings about include a brand new interface, with the start page mimicking your desktop background image.

There’s also a built-in “intelligent system” that manages tabs, with frequently used tabs listed at the top and the less used tabs being relegated to the bottom.

At the left is the dedicated video player, an image gallery, and a download manager. There’s also a completely new Omnibox, supporting top search engines and open search.

There’s even a feature similar to picture-in-picture that lets users pop out a video and continue watching while browsing other pages. A screenshot feature has also been integrated directly into the Neon browser. With it, users can capture an image of the entire browser window or crop a portion of the screen, and then save the resulting picture to a gallery. Using the gallery, screenshots can be accessed quickly and shared easily.

Opera Neon also supports a split screen mode that allows two web pages to work together simultaneously.

Opera says its new Neon browser won’t replace the existing Opera browser, but some features of Neon will be added to the main Opera browser this spring. Both Mac and Windows users can download and test Opera Neon for free.


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