Pokemon Duel A Strategy Based Board Game Launched On iPhone And Android

pokemon duel
Pokemon Duel, a strategy board game for phones is now available for Android and iOS devices around the world. Developed by The Pokemon Company unlike last year’s hit sensation Pokemon Go, which was made by Niantic the game is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.


Pokemon Duel is essentially a basic strategy game. The primary goal of Pokemon Duel is to get at least one of your six available Pokemon to the goal for the player or team you’re competing against, with a bit of thinking required to plan out your moves, attacks, and more. One of the big draws for the game has to do with building up your deck of Pokemon that you can use in battle, and while moves are played out on a turn-basis, all battles happen in real-time.

To get more Pokemon for your matches, you’ll need to unlock booster packs which can be done by collecting gems obtained by winning matches, or paying real money. In-app purchases range from 99 cents / Rs. 80 for 12 gems, to $79.99 / Rs. 6,200 for 1,960 gems.


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