How To Repair A Corrupted Sd Card Or Usb Flash Drive

repair corrupted usb

If your PC does not detecting your SD card or USB flash drive and you are thinking of buy a new one, just wait and try this before spending bucks on the new one. When we inserted a corrupted flash drive into the USB port and try to access it, it shows an error like this:


                                   You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it.

When you click on the Format Disk and start the format, it displays the following error:

                                     Windows was unable to complete the format.

Whenever your SD card or USB flash drive gets corrupt, there is no guarantee that you will always recover your data back. In the case of physical damage, you may not be able to repair it, but a software error can be fixed in some simple ways.


  1. Connect the corrupted pen drive or SD card to your computer.
  2. Press Win Key + R to open Run box and type cmd. Hit enter and Command prompt window will launch. You can directly open command prompt by using the shortcut Win key + X and choosing Command prompt.
  3. Type diskpart and press Enter.
  4. Type list disk and press Enter. A list of all the storage devices connected to your computer will be displayed.
  5. Type select disk <the number of your disk> and press Enter. (Example: select disk 1). Important: Make sure you enter the number correctly. Otherwise, you may format your internal hard drive. You can type list disk again to check whether you are going correctly. There will be a star (asterisk symbol) before the name of the selected disk.
  6. Type clean and press Enter.
  7. Type create partition primary and hit Enter.
  8. Type active.
  9. Type select partition 1.
  10. Type format fs=fat32 and press Enter. The format process will finish in a few minutes. It will start formatting your drive. It will take quite a long. Just minimize it and wait for format completion.
  11. When the format completes (100%), close the command prompt window and go to Computer in order to check the drive.

By this method, you can repair your corrupted SD cards, USB flash drives and even your External hard drives. Again, after performing above steps you will lose all your previous data. So, if you have some important data in your drive, try to recover it first.


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