Twitter CEO Talks About Bringing Edit Functionality To Tweets In Future


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has hinted that the ‘edit’ functions to edit mistakes may soon be coming to the platform. Dorsey admitted in his posts on the website that the feature is required, he seems to be unsure about the implementation of the feature at present.


In a tweet on Thursday, Dorsey asked his followers about the changes they wanted to be made on Twitter. “ what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017,” Dorsey had tweeted. In response to this question, Dorsey received requests for an edit feature. In reply to one of these requests, Dorsey asked if the user wanted the edit feature for a limited time frame after posting the tweet or without any time limitation.

He pointed out that the company was looking into the request since a long time and that the feature is “def needed” for all the users to improve the platform as a product.

Dorsey did point out that anything beyond a time window based edit feature would require tweet ‘revision’ history so that users can check what the original tweet was in case any troll tries to take the conversation out of context. One Twitter user suggested that the edit function should be rolled out for users with verified Twitter accounts. Dorsey clarified that the feature would roll out to all the users and not just the ones with verified accounts.

Even though Dorsey seems to be favour of introducing the feature, there is no guarantee that the social networking website will add the option right away. Considering that there are several complications associated with feature and that the discussion regarding it seem to be in early stages, it may take some time to make its way to the website.


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