Unlock Android Phone If You Forget The Password, Pattern Lock Or PIN


Method 1: Using your Google Account Password
This method uses your Google Recovery account to unlock the device from your lockscreen.

  1. Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is only available on some devices.)
  2. Enter your Google account details in the menu shown and tap Sign in.
  3. google-passwardYour device will now unlock, and you will have full access.

Method 2 : perform a factory reset using recovery mode
This method will allow you to access your device, but it will delete all data (images, contacts, videos, apps etc) from your phone. This should be used as a last resort.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press the volume down AND power button and keep pressing them. Your device will start up and boot into the bootloader (you should see “Start” and an Android lying on its back).
  3. Press the volume down button to go through the different options until you see “Recovery Mode” (pressing volume down twice). Now press the power button to enter recovery mode.
  4. You should see an Android on its back and a red exclamation mark.
  5. Press and hold the power button, then press and release the volume up button. Now you should see “Android Recovery” written on the top together with some options.
  6. By pressing the volume down button, go down the options until “Wipe data/factory reset” is selected. Press the power button to select this option.
  7. recovery-modaUsing the volume down button again, go down until “Yes – erase all user data” is selected. Make sure you read through the notes above and then, finally, press the power button to start the reset process.
  8. factory-resetOnce the process is done, press the power button to select the reboot option. Your device will now reboot and start the inital setup process of your device. That’s it! All you need to do now is to set up everything and restore your data.

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