WhatsApp’s New iPhone Update Brings Ability To Queue Messages Offline


A new WhatsApp update began to roll out for iPhone owners and it is bringing some much-needed relief, especially for those users who often find themselves in areas with bad or low data connectivity. The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is now available for download to all iPhone users (running iOS 7 or higher). The update size is just 91.2MB.


The new update adds the ability for queuing up messages in case a user goes offline, so that they can be sent once the Internet comes back on means you won’t get an alert saying the message has not been delivered, and you won’t be forced to keep hitting resend. Instead, the message is sent as soon as your internet connection is back without any action needed from the user.

WhatsApp also added the ability to share 30 photos or videos in one go and brings a redesigned storage usage screen.


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